"Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be."

-Shel Silverstein



Day 85:

on the way to drop him off :(

Today, my heart was broken. Since we're leaving for the beach tomorrow morning, I had to take Levi to the vet so he could be boarded while we're gone. I HATE doing that. I think I would feel more comfortable knowing that he's going to be getting the attention he needs and that he won't be neglected. I'm sure the vet is a great place for him to be boarded, but I would just like to be 100% sure. Plus, I don't think it helped me feel any better that he's showing his age now. When I took him down to my car to get him in, I usually let him hop in through my door and then he jumps over the center console into the passenger seat. This time, I had to pick him up and put in my seat because he was too scared to jump up and then I had to help him over to the other seat, he wouldn't even climb over! The most heart-breaking part was when the guy came up and took him away. He kept trying to come back to me, but he couldn't because he had a leash on. It was sad to see him being taken away, but I'll think positive thoughts and say that while he's there, he'll be perfectly fine.

Ok, sorry for the long "pity party," but I'll leave you with some good news, I'M LEAVING FOR THE BEACH TOMORROW! As far as I know, the oil spill hasn't quite made it to where we're staying so hopefully, it will be gorgeous when we arrive.

If I can drag myself away from the beach and pool next week, I'll try to keep up with posting and with all of your blogs! I hope everyone has a fantastic weekend!!



These past few days have been pretty busy, so I haven't gotten on here in a while. But today is the day that I catch up!!

Days 81-83:



I worked the past three days and every day, I had to paper fold shirts. It's not that I don't like paper folding, but I don't like it doing it for three days. Now, I'm home and ready to go on vacation, plus I don't have to work for over a week and a half!!

Day 84:

Today, I laid around and watched the Real Housewives of NYC marathon. They weren't showing episodes from this season and the episodes were from season 2; I had never seen any of them, so it was great.


I finished Practical Magic the other day! It was an awesome book.

"For more than two hundred years, the Owens women have been blamed for everything that went wrong in their Massachusetts town. And Gillian and Sally endured that fate as well: As children, the sisters were forever outsiders, taunted, talked about, pointed at. Teir elderly aunts almost seemed to encourage the whispers of witchery, with their musty house and their exotic concoctions and their crowd of black cate. But all Gillian and Sally wanted was to escape. One would do so by marrying, the other by running away. But the bonds they shared, even into adulthood, brought them back - almost as if by magic."

from the back cover

At first the author's style of writing was kind of annoying. Her sentences were wordy and really hard to follow, but as soon as the story started to pick up, I didn't even notice them. I'm pretty pumped to watch the movie now! I've seen it before, but after reading the book, it makes me want to watch it even more. The movie was pretty different from what I can remember and like most situations, I'm pretty sure the book was better. There are more characters and they all are more developed. I would definitely recommend this to everyone, awesome read!!



Days 79-80:

Dad with me and Cade when we were younger

at graduation with Dad and Granddaddy

Weyman (step-dad) and me at graduation

Weyman with all of the kids a couple years ago on Father's Day

Happy Father's Day Weekend!! I figured I would put just a group of pictures for the whole weekend to show what the days were really about.

This Father's Day was full of Mexican food and family so I would have to say that it was pretty good! So without further adieu, I would like to say Happy Father's Day to Dad, Weyman, Granddaddy, and Papa. I love all of you and I hope you had a fantastic Father's Day!

P.S. I would catch up on all of your blogs tonight, but I'm extremely tired so I'll do it sometime tomorrow hopefully! Be expecting many comments! :)



So I was looking on weheartit for a new background and I found this image. I love it!

I think this might deserve a spot on my sidebar.

DAY 77 - 78

Day 77:

I met my mom for lunch yesterday and we decided to go to the thrift store that right by here work. We didn't have too much time, so I spent most of it in the books and I got 6 of them (Chocolat, Bridget Jones and the Edge of Reason, The Pilot's Wife, Valley of the Dolls, The Innocent, and Ya-Yas in Bloom)!! I also got a soup bowl/giant tea cup for only $.40. With these 7 great finds, I only spent $11. I really need to find a thrift store closer to home!

Day 78:

So, it's 2 PM on a Friday afternoon and I am still in my pajamas. Life is good. I think for today, before I go to work, I'm going to attempt to organize the mess that has accumulated on my desk. I really need to get all of my receipts and all of the other paperwork in order. Boo.



I just finished one of the best books that I've read in a long time. The Condition by Jennifer Haigh was one that kept me interested the entire time. Each chapter was written from a different characters perspective and although the characters are related, they rarely crossed paths. This book follows a family that has to deal with a child with Turner's syndrome; they also all have their own problems also which is why I think the title refers to each character, not just the one with an actual condition. With each chapter following a different character, you get to see their side of the story and you also get to follow them to the past and see what parts of their lives have made them who they are. I found it really interesting the way the family deals with the other members and how they each lead their own lives; not every one knows what each other are doing day in and day out. This kind of raises questions as a reader because you wonder how the others would act if they actually knew. I recommend this book to everyone! It's more detail and past oriented rather than following a specific plot, but trust me, it will keep your interest!


Day 76:

Yesterday, Sara and Kayla went to the farmer's market downtown. I unfortunately couldn't go because I had to go to work, but I had a nice surprise waiting for me when I got home from work! They picked up some lovely flowers that I am now keeping in my room :) There is a beautiful sunflower (my favorite!) and three other ones, red, purple, and pink (i dont know what kind they are). My roommates are so thoughtful! :)


Today was uneventful, but I really enjoyed it! Besides finishing my awesome book, I also made a trip to the library and the grocery store. I left with good things from both. From the library, I got Practical Magic and The Maltese Falcon. I love the movie Practical Magic, so I'm interested to see if they are similar or it they differ like other movie adaptations. As for The Maltese Falcon, I saw this as Barnes & Noble once and thought it looked really good. It's a detective novel, so I'm sure I'll like it!

From Kroger, I got oreos, cream cheese, and chocolate chips. Can anyone guess what I made??


They were delicious. And it only took three simple ingredients to make them! Most of the time, people make them with white chocolate, but I'm not a big fan of it, so I took the same route I do with Buckeyes (peanut butter balls) and used semi-sweet chocolate chips. I really want another one, but I've already eaten too many!


I also received another award! It's the Versatile Blogger Award from Natasha over at Natasha's Corner.

So now onto the rules:

Thank the person who gave you the award:
Thank you Natasha!! I'm so glad I stumbled across your blog. I've only know about it for a little while, but so far, I'm really liking it!

Share 7 Thinks About Yourself:
1. I really want to see a whale jump out of the water before I die :)
2. I would LOVE to see a polar bear in real life, not just on tv
3. I consider myself a very family oriented person and I would do anything for any of them
4. I only have a few really close friends, but I adore each and every one of them
5. My greatest fear is a bridge collapsing while I'm on it
6. I'm jealous of people who are musically inclined
7. I'm glad I started blogging!!

Nominate 15 newly discovered blogs that you think are fantastic:
Like Natasha said, 15 is so many!! I'm always trying to find new blogs (sometimes i forget the ones that ive already visited...is that bad??) I'll do my best though!
Ok, so I looked through the blogs that I follow, and I only technically have 4 new ones that I've recently started following! I've been following the other for a while now. In order to avoid cheating, I'm just going to nominate those 4 :)

Alfie @ Coffee and Stilettos
Rhiannon Nicole @ Hey Gorgeous
Jennifer @ more than a MOMMY
The Zhush

Let your nominees know about the award:

Again, thanks Natasha for the award!


Reading all of the travel posts that have been on people's blogs lately makes me want to go on an adventure ASAP. I would love to be able to pack up and just travel for months. Seeing as I've been in the southeast my entire life, (6 states to be exact: Georgia, Alabama, Tennessee, Florida, South Carolina, and North Carolina) I am DYING to travel! That's why I'm super excited for next March; I'm going to NYC for my 21st birthday!! I cannot tell you how excited and anxious I am. I do have one problem with traveling though, I'm not too fond of planes or boats. Cars? I'm perfectly fine with! Boats? Only if I'm on a lake. Planes? No thank you. I guess I need to get over that soon though...I don't really want to drive all the way to New York. So, in honor of my thoughts and wishes, it seems like a good idea to post some of the places that I would love to travel to!

Tipperary, Ireland
my grandfather's home town :)


The Arena Chapel, Padua, Italy
we learned about this in art history and it seems like a beautiful place


Paris, France


Skopelos, Greece


Sydney, Australia


anywhere in the state


can't wait!!!!




Key West, FL


Edinburgh, Scotland


Pompeii, Italy


for the pyramids and this...


Compared to ALL of the places that I would love to visit some day, this is just a small list. Making this really made me want to start a plan for travel...I might just have to amuse myself and actually do that!


DAYS 73-75

Day 73:


The third season of True Blood premiered! I've only seen the first season, but with the re-cap at the beginning, I was able to follow this episode (i really need to see the second season asap). It was a really good episode with the drama going on with the kidnapping and Tara and this season looks like it's going to be soooo exciting! By the way, I can't believe that the dude that plays Jason is Australian! When he spoke before the show started, I was shocked! He hides his accent so well.

Day 74:

Yesterday, Catie came to visit! After dying her hair and watching some Will&Grace, Catie, Sara, Kayla, and I went downtown for dinner. We ate a pizza place called Transmetropolitan; it was so tasty! I ordered a pepperoni calzone (of course) and it came out shaped like a smiley face :) I thought I would eat half of it there and then save the other half for today's lunch, but I ended up finishing it while we were watching Wedding Crashers...oops.

After watching the movie, Kayla and I watched The Real Housewives of NYC Reunion show. Bravo tricked me into thinking that one particularly dramatic part was going to be shown that night, but they lied. It's going to be on next week. This week was still full of drama, but I really wanted to see that one part! Next week (or it might be thursday) definitely warrants a RH party though...Kayla?!?!

P.S. Does anyone else think that Jill has a problem with her r's?

Day 75:

Technically, I got this in the mail yesterday, but I'm just going to use it for today. I think I mentioned it on a post a good bit ago, but it just now arrived in the mail! I ordered Little Women, in the edition that I could handle. In the edition I already had, the print was too small and there were too many words on a page. Normally, that wouldn't bother me, but I have a hard time keeping up with books like that so I decided to buy one with larger print. I'm really glad I did too! Even though there's an extra 300 pages, hopefully I'll be able to make it through this one; I really want to be able to say that I've read Little Women, even if I don't like it! (but so far i do!)


DAY 72

Day 72:

When I got home tonight, I was really craving something refreshing and delicious. That's when I thought about making a smoothie! I now feel super full from something that tasted great and was healthy. I made it out of strawberry yogurt, a banana, a handful of strawberries (both frozen and fresh), soy milk, and ice. I must say, I think I'll be making this a lot this summer, with the heat and long work days, I need something this easy and good when I get home.


DAYS 70-71

Day 70:

source source

We decided to have movie day (i feel like im watching a ton of movies lately...)! We watched The Shawshank Redemption and Shutter Island. The first one was awesome! I really loved that movie; although it was kind of long, it was well worth it. It made me laugh, tear up, and I was on the edge of my seat at some parts. I actually think that was the only time I've ever seen Tim Robbins in a movie, but he was really good and so was Morgan Freeman, of course! As for the second movie, I'm warming up to it. Right after the movie, I decided that I didn't like it AT ALL. It was confusing to me (i dont like to be confused) and I thought it was a little too intense. After looking it up on Wikipedia and figuring out all of the little details that I missed, I must say it was quite a good movie. It was very suspenseful and I really loved Leonardo DiCaprio's acting. I'm very tempted to watch it again and try to figure out the things that I missed the first time around.

Day 71:


This morning, I went grocery shopping and while I was walking out, I saw the Red Box thing. I've really wanted to see Avatar since I heard all of the great reviews about it, but no one I knew wanted to watch it with me. I decided though that since it was only $1 for the night, I might as well rent it and watch it before I go to work today. Let me tell you, I was NOT disappointed. This movie was great! I loved the action scene at the end and the entire story was amazing. I don't see how anyone can come up with that stuff! I can see why it cost so much and took so long to make though. Although this one was another long one, it was well worth it and it didn't even feel like it lasted close to 3 hours!


DAYS 68-69

Day 68:

i stole this from her facebook :)

I didn't really do anything this day other than work. When I did come home however, Sara was back! She went to Disney for a week with her family and had come back to Athens that night. So now, although it's summer, everyone is here in the apartment. As for the rest of Athens, I cannot say the same. It's not nearly as busy as it normally is which is weird, but I like it.

Day 69:


On the list of books that I pick out for Sara to read, Message in a Bottle was one of the Nicholas Sparks choices. Sara finished it a while ago so when I was home this weekend, I stole it from my ma and brought it back here. We watched it tonight! I still liked it a lot and Sara was baking most of the time so I don't know how she felt about it and Kayla thought it was another predictable girly movie. In my opinion, the book is better than the movie, but this is one of the better film adaptations of a Nicholas Sparks book.

Today, I made a trip to my dad's house. I always steal books from my stepmom (she's my Nicholas Sparks library), but I've never taken one of my dad's. Well that all changed, I brought Bag of Bones by Stephen King and Deal Breaker by Harlan Coben home with me! I also took some books for Tammy to read. She kept The Love Season, The Time Traveler's Wife, Water for Elephants, and Dead Until Dark. I can't wait to finish my book now and start the others!


I would like to think of a new name for my blog. This has evolved into a much broader blog; it's obviously not just about my art :) I don't have any ideas at the moment, but I'm open to any suggestions!!


DAY 65-67

Day 65:

the delicious cake. publix did an awesome job. it tasted great and looked amazing

Weyman's retirement party was this weekend and it was a ton of fun. His oldest daughter and her family came down to join in and some of my parent's friends were there also. Mom set up a nice tribute to Weyman in the living room and it was really cool to see some of his old photos from back in the day. Hanging out in the backyard with some people who's company I really enjoy was a nice way to spend my Saturday!

Day 66:


I went with Cade, Adam, Katie, and Amy (brothers, sister, bro's gf) to see Get Him to the Greek. It was a pretty funny movie, but I don't think I'll be seeing it again unless someone else buys it or rents it for me. It was the kind of movie that had some funny one-liners, but it got kind of boring toward the end. It wasn't a bad movie by any means and I would see it again, as long as I don't have to pay anything the next time :)

Day 67:

(ignore my creepy smile, i couldnt figure out what to do with my face)

Today, I found a really cool curl in my hair. I'll go ahead and tell you, I have very strange hair. When I was younger, it was straight as a board on top, but the underneath was spirally. It didn't get curly all over until I was about 13 or 14. Now, it's still spirally on the bottom and the top is frizzy/wavy. Anyway, I found a really cool spiral around my face today when I was doing my makeup. As I write this, I realize how lame this picture for the day is, but I didn't do anything really interesting do deal with it! :)

P.S. The Condition is super good! I try to read at least a chapter a night, but with this book, I always want to read more. There really hasn't been anything significant happen yet, but its really interesting to learn about the family. So far, so good!


DAY 62

Day 62:

Like I mentioned yesterday, I attempted to make homemade thin mints today, key word = attempted. They turned out more like mint chocolate cookies, but they are delicious. I don't know what went wrong from the recipe to how they turned out, but I still think they are pretty dang tasty! I got the recipe from here and it seemed simple enough, but I really can't think of what was different between what I used and what the recipe called for. After mixing everything together, you were supposed to end up with small pebbles; this is what I ended up with:

So, I thought well, I'll try and still form a log with everything and see what happens. I was able to make the log and let it set in the fridge, but then when I went to cut it to get the circles, the dough ran together so I just cut some chunks off and formed balls of dough. I haven't yet put the topping on yet (im waiting until i get back from work tonight), but I'll let you know how it turns out sometime later on in the weekend!

Now on to Little Women. Everyone said to continue with it and I'm really trying, but I think I've discovered my problem. The print is too small! I feel so overwhelmed when I look at the page and the writing it tiny and it is all squished on the page. Solution: go to the library and check one out with larger print. Problem: library doesn't have another copy. Solution: order one off Amazon for $.15. PROBLEM SOLVED!
In the meantime, I'll be reading The Condition by Jennifer Haigh. I got this book as a "Bargain Book" from Barnes & Noble a while back so I'm pretty excited to read it!

I also went shopping today! I was trying to find a dress for tomorrow for my stepdad's retirement party, but I didn't really have too much luck. I first went to my second home, Target, and found a mint colored dress that was really cute on, but when I sent the picture to my mom to see if she liked the color, she said that she didn't so I continued on my quest. I kept comparing dresses to this one, and none were as cute! I wanted something different from my usual blue and purple, but I couldn't find one that I really liked. So eventually I found a blue and purple one (shocking!) at Kohl's and then went back to Target to get the mint one. Now I have to decided if I want to keep both of them or return one. I'm kind of leaning toward keeping them :)

Here's the Target one one the left and the one from Kohl's on the right. Does anyone have an opinion as to which one I should return? (or if i should keep both?)


DAY 61

Day 61:

please ignore the dirty shoes and carpet, i sometimes forget to vacuum

Bargain shopper?? Umm, I'm afraid so. I got these shirts for under $5 each at work today! Two are for my mom and the black one is one that I can wear to work.

On the agenda for tomorrow: get a library card, make homemade thin mints, possibly a pedicure, and find a dress for Saturday. I really hope I can get all of this done before work at 6!


DAYS 58-60

Day 58:


Since the last trip to Target, I had been thinking about getting Wedding Crashers. Target had it for only $5, so I decided to go ahead and buy it. I never seem to have too many movies!

Day 59:


Yesterday, I got some advice from a lady that I work with about what to take for my eczema. She told me that she taked Evening Primrose Oil when she has a flare up so I decided to stop by Target on my way home and purchase some. I really hope it helps!

Day 60:


Today, I went shopping with Kayla and we went to one of my favorite stores: Hobby Lobby. I love going in there! I always find things that I would LOVE to have, but I rarely buy anything. Today was no different. I picked up a ton of things, but eventually put them back down. I did however, find a new print that I would love to have. It's so colorful and it would brighten up any room. Eventually, I need to find an empty space so this print can have a new home!