"Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be."

-Shel Silverstein




Sorry I haven't posted anything in past couple of days! It's been so hectic around here with school and trying to finish up the semester. Today is reading day though, so no classes! This means a ton of blogging and studying :)


First order of business, catching up on 365 days!

Day 24:

I got a much needed pedicure. I went to a place that I have only gotten manicures at and they did an awesome job! I was really tempted to tell her that I would pay extra for a long massage, but I didn't :) Earlier on in the day, I was thinking of colors I wanted, and I decided to go with a nice orange for the summer. I really liked it! And then work happened, I was called in to work at 2 instead of 6, so I ruined a couple of toes with my shoes (hence why I only put a picture of the color up). Oh well, they don't look too bad now!

Day 25:

We're having a sale at work so I had to work 1:30 to close on Wednesday. It was busy in spurts, but it basically took up my whole day, although I did have to come home at 9:30 and write a lab report (over Home Alone).

Day 26:

Yesterday, we went out to celebrate Sara's birthday! We went downtown to Mellow Mushroom and then came back to the apartment and baked some cookies. I guess I should say we baked, not just some, but A TON of cookies. It was fun though and we now have 5 different kinds :)

Day 27:

Last night, Sara decided that since we don't have class today, she would make Kayla and me oatmeal for breakfast (she's on a huge oatmeal kick). When I woke up, I walked over to her side of the apartment and demanded my oatmeal and she obliged and got to work in the kitchen. I don't really know what was in it, but I took a nice picture of it :)


Now on to some blurbs:

*We ordered Mary Poppins tickets today!! I'M SO EXCITED TO GO! Kayla had the brilliant idea to go for Mother's Day and since I have to work, we have to go in the middle of the week, but it's still going to be a ton of fun to see it with everyone's moms :)

*3 MORE FINALS! I'm so ready for next Thursday, I will be done with this semester! That means, no more core, just Public Relations, Child and Family Development, and Psychology classes for the next two years. I cannot express how excited that makes me!

*We watched Anchorman during the baking marathon last night. I had only seen the movie once, I think, and watching it again last night made me want to watch it again soon! It's so funny and it has all of the best people in it (including one of my favorites, Vince Vaughn). Maybe I'll watch it when I'm studying this weekend...

*In case you haven't heard, The Office is hilarious. I have to say, it's a nice change from Friends in the morning, although I am kind of missing all of the Friends people. I think I now have to acknowledge Michael Scott as my new hero!

I think that's about all! I hope you all have a wonderful weekend :)


DAY 23

Day 23:

This is going to take me FOREVER to finish! Thanks to Debbie and Eric who bought this GINORMOUS jawbreaker for me at Cracker Barrell yesterday :) Love y'all!


DAYS 21 AND 22

Day 21:

After working all day, I decided to come home and read a little bit of The Lovely Bones instead of studying...I don't know yet if it was the right decision. We will see Wednesday afternoon.

Day 22:

Mom, Weyman, Debbie, Eric, and Grace all came up today and they went to church with me! I was so excited to let them see the church that I really enjoy in Athens. Since I haven't been home in a while, Mom brought me my mail and this was inside it. I like to think that this picture represents me telling the card not to get me into trouble. Hopefully, I'll be able to control myself when it comes to buying new clothes!



I don't have any motivation for school work at all! I sit down and try to get some studying done and instead, I end up shopping online. I made a list of all of the grades I have to make to end up with A's and B's and yes, the grades have to be good, but nothing I do makes me want to study. The tests I have this week are in two very boring classes: Management of Information Systems and Technology (MIST) and Housing and Consumer Economics (HACE). Boring, right? In order to exempt those finals though, I have to make decent grades on those tests. I made a study schedule that I should be following now, but if I was, then I would be done studying for HACE and it would be a review tomorrow and Tuesday and today should be a review for all of my MIST information. Instead, I haven't even started with either of them. I just don't have any motivation at all to sit down and read about retirement and e-commerce. There are two weeks left in the semester before 3 months of glorious summer; I think I have it in my head that if I don't study and do something else that is actually interesting, the time will go by quicker and it will be summer before I know it! Hopefully, between now and an hour from now, I will find some tiny but of motivation inside me and I will be able to sit down and study. HOPEFULLY!



Sorry for the overflow of posts today; I promise this will be the last one :)

In my child and family development class, we normally go to a center that is basically like a day-care and observe the children for labs. We then have a lab report due each week which isn't too hard to do. For our last lab report, we had to watch Home Alone. I haven't seen this movie in a very long time and yesterday when I had some time to kill, I decided to go ahead and rent the movie to watch it. It was awesome! I forgot how much I love this movie! It will be added to my list of movies to watch around Christmas time every year (along with The Grinch, It's a Wonderful Life, and The Family Stone) I think my favorite part would have to be....

I love his scream! I encourage you all to go out and rent this movie this weekend :)

DAYS 19 AND 20

Happy late Earth Day!

Day 19:

They had a big gathering on campus yesterday and this was one of the posters they had hanging up!

Day 20:
(i'm posting two picture for today)
These aren't pictures that I took (obviously), but today I was supposed to have my Access Lab Practical. I got in the lab, got my computer ready and was expecting the TA to walk in and tell us to go ahead and start; instead, I heard the fire alarm. Apparently someone pulled the fire alarm! We all had to wait outside and by the time we were able to go back in, it was too late to start the practical so it was rescheduled. Now I have the entire weekend to study for it!! So thanks to whoever pulled the alarm :)

So, I was sitting here just a few minutes ago really craving a kiwi. Kayla walked into the living room and I told her to go out and buy me one. She wouldn't (whaaaat?). I was SO shocked that she wouldn't go to the grocery store and buy me a kiwi! Anyways, she told me no and then said she had a surprise for me. I thought it was going to be a drawing of a kiwi or something, but she walked out of her room and threw me a kiwi! I was so excited and although I ate it in like .25 seconds, it was very delicious!


I got my second award yesterday! Thanks Mimi for thinking of me when you got your award (congratulations by the way :) ) So now, to follow the rules of award giving and receiving...

1. Thank the person who nominated you
2. Copy the award and place it on your blog
3. Link to the person who nominated you
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I'll pass it on to these wonderful bloggers :)

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All of your blogs are awesome and so inspiring!




I love love love love love rings and the next one on my list to buy is this one:

I found it at Kohl's. It's just so simple and pretty! It would go with anything, so why not buy it? :)

DAYS 17 AND 18

Day 17:

This is the first thing I saw when I walked in from school yesterday! He was just sitting in the crack of the couch looking around...so cute!

Day 18:

Today was the day I decided to find out what I have to make on my finals and assignments in order to get A's and B's. This year is not as bad as last year so, hopefully I'll have pretty high grades! Also, I have my Access Lab Practical this Friday, so I have to study 2 tutorials for that...boo

**Update: Since I finished Friends (the finale gets me every time, by the way), I decided (well Sara came up with the idea) to watch The Office! Sara and Kayla have watched all of the episodes and I just started last semester. Since I've watched some of them, I started this morning with Season 3 and it is definitely a good show to watch in the morning!


DAY 16

I PROMISE that pictures will start getting more interesting soon! For the rest of April, I have a ton of studying to do, but after that, I will go out and look for some interesting things to take pictures of.

Now, on to today's picture. Lately, I've been getting a lot of compliments on my earrings! I love them! I got them last semester at a little store called Francesca's when I was home one break.

Day 16:


Ok, I have some updates.

I saw another employee wearing Toms this Saturday at work, so I am EXTREMELY tempted to purchase a pair! I have the canvas color, but the black ones would be good for work and for just walking around campus. They are so comfortable, but I still don't know how they would do for a 8 hour shift...I might just have to try them out!

I am a very disappointing fan of Grey's Anatomy. I haven't watched it at all for the past couple of months! I'm hoping to get caught up before the finale though. Hopefully, it will be possibly after finals and all of my tests are done.
As of this morning, I have only 3 episodes left of Friends before I start over. For a couple of years now, I have been watching them in the morning while I get ready and I've probably gone through the entire series 5 or 6 times. On that note, I think it's time to start a new series. I'm thinking That 70's Show or Will & Grace...both would be very entertaining in the morning!

365 Picture Thing (i still don't know what to call it):
Technically, I only have a picture for Friday, not Saturday or Sunday. So this is what I'm thinking...the whole point is just to post a picture for every day...since I missed those days, I'm going to post a picture of something that happened or that I thought about that day :)

Day 13:
On Friday, a student organization was giving away free snow cones and cotton candy on campus! I took a picture, but I'm too lazy to go get my camera right now :)

Day 14:
I worked a 12 hour shift...not much was going on in my mind but Macy's, Macy's, Macy's...

Day 15:
For dinner, we had a delicious homemade pizza! This was one of them...the buffalo chicken pizza. The recipe is on Sara's blog My Fancy Tuna!

This weekend, I really wanted to see Avatar. It was at the student center on campus for $1, but I just didn't have the time to go :( But, on Thursday, we did go to see Ferngully, which I have to admit was very strange. I think if I would have seen it when I was younger then I would have liked it a lot more.

I haven't had the time to upload my Holga pictures, but I'm hoping I'll be able to upload them sometime this week!

Cade wanted me to paint him so pictures of guns (no, not redneck at all!), so I decided that I should start by sketching them. I only have the outline of one of them done right now, but I'm going to try and finish it sometime this week. I will post a picture of it when I'm done!

I think that's all for the updates! Hopefully, I'll actually take a picture for today :)



The other day at work, I found out that I can wear strappy sandals! You don't know how excited I was! I thought I had to wear flats or heels (no thank you, i do not want to be taller than every customer), but another employee had on the cutest sandals. I'm very tempted to buy some, but I don't know which ones to buy that would be comfortable enough to wear for a 9 hour shift...decisions, decisions.
I was thinking about these (from Forever 21), but I don't really know how they would hold up. I guess I'll have to keep an eye out for some really cushion-y, but cute black sandals!

P.S. Sorry for posting so much in one day!
P.P.S. This is my 50th post! YAY!


Since I get a ton of random songs in my head, I'll just post them if they are unusual :) I know you are all thrilled to know that you'll be able to see what I'm randomly humming (and sometimes singing...something i know kayla looks forward to everyday) throughout the day. Today, I've had "Tik Tok" in my head for the first part and now, I keep repeating one of the lines from a song in Anastasia. I LOVE that movie, so having on of the songs stuck in my head is not something that I am complaining about!

[don't judge me... :) ]

DAY 12

I remembered to take a picture today before midnight! SWEET!
In honor of the rodeo that is going on tonight (at least i think its in honor of this) there was a bull in the middle of campus! I couldn't decide whether to take a picture of the bull or to take a picture of the egg drop competition we had in one of my classes (i cant believe that was for a college class), but the bull definitely won. The lady that was standing by him was just talking to anyone that would listen and she let everyone pet him that wanted to. It was so cute (is that an appropriate word?) the way he would turn his head when someone was scratching him :)

Day 11:


DAY 11

Tonight, we had another play date with Bella and Max. It went pretty good considering this is the second time they've been around each other!

Day 11:

I caught Bella in mid-action. She was more playful than Max, but he didn't really hiss at her that much tonight! Hopefully they'll become the best of friends soon :)


*Sunglasses. I love them, but then again, I really don't like wearing them. I see people walking around campus with them on and I've tried that, but I, for some reason, would prefer not to wear them. My main thing is that with sunglasses on, everything is dull. I like to see the bright colors and I really don't want tan lines around my eyes :)

*A few weekends ago, we watched Back to the Future, one of Kayla's favorite movies. It was pretty good! I had never seen it before so Kayla decided it was time for her to share her favorite with the roomies. Overall, it was funny and the only thing that really bothered me was Michael J. Fox's voice. His voice is just made for cartoons; you should be able to hear the voice, but not be able to see where it's coming from (that sounds really mean and i dont want it to, i just meant that his voice doesnt match him... :) ). Anyways, next movie to watch = Back to the Future 2!

*Sara, Kayla, and I also went to see Remember Me a while back and like Back to the Future, I liked it...a lot. I guess I have a thing about voices because, yet again, the main girl's voice kind of bothered me. I was later informed that she is Australian so she was trying to hide her accent, and in my opinion she didn't do that great of a job. When she had to yell something, I felt like she was talking super slow and her voice got super deep. Rob Pattinson, however, did a really good job. Some of his lines were pretty funny and he delivered them well. The other person that I really liked in the movie was Pierce Brosnan. He changed his accent to a thick New York one and you couldn't even tell that he's really Irish (well, in one part when he got angry, he lost his New York accent)! The storyline was interesting to me also even though it wasn't a major, dramatic story. One thing that I LOVED about the movie was the twist in the end. I did NOT see it coming at all and when I realized it, I was shocked! (I can also add this movie to the long list of movies that make me ball like a baby)

*So if you've read earlier posts, then you know that I am now a proud employee of Macy's! I'm first of all super excited that I found this job and second of all, I love it. In my department, I feel like I'm a personal shopper sometimes, which trust me, is not a bad thing at all. I didn't expect people to come in and ask me to help them find an outfit. I'm finally catching on to where all of the designers are and what they carry so this is slowly getting easier.

*Just recently, we found out that our roommate this year (the one that we didn't know coming into the apartment) is moving next year. Since we need another roommate, we asked a girl that Sara and Kayla know if she wanted to move in. In order for this all to work out, we had to set up play dates for her dog, Bella, and Kayla's cat, Max. The first one happened on Sunday and it was hilarious! Bella is HUGE and so playful while Max is small (not compared to other cats, I'm told) and he's playful only if he's not nervous. Well, imagine how nervous you would be if you had never seen a dog of that size try to play with you! She would get on the ground and try to play, but all Max did was sit on the chairs under the table and growl/hiss at Bella. Tonight, we're having the second play date so hopefully Max will remember who she is and they will be the best of friends!

*I know I've mentioned it before, but I get the most random songs in my head. Today while reading The Lovely Bones (which is weird, but in a good way) I started humming this song:

I just wish I knew why some of these songs that I don't even listen to get stuck in my head!

DAYS 8-10

So I'm not gonna lie. These pictures are not that interesting. Throughout the day, I never really think of taking a picture for my 365 Pictures thing, so I then end up taking one at night that is pretty boring. I promise I'll start thinking about it during the day and start taking more interesting pictures :)

Day 8:

Sunday, we stayed at the pool for a couple of hours. Then me and Sara went over to my brother's house and hung out over there until dinner time. We also had a little play date for Max and our potential future roommates dog (it went pretty good, were having another one tonight to see if they get along since theyve already hung out).

Day 9:

This is by far the most boring picture! Like I mentioned, I forgot to take on during the day and after doing school work then working, I remembered around 10. So this is my picture of my late night snack!

Day 10:

Yesterday, I had a ton of school work to do. It was such a pretty day outside, I didn't want to go back to the apartment and sit inside to study so I stayed on campus. So this is the spot where I sat for a very long time taking book notes and completing assignments!

I'm hoping for today's picture I'll get a cute one of Max and Bella tonight, if not then you'll be seeing another wonderful picture of dinner or something!



I cannot get this song out of my head! I've been humming it all day. So I thought I would share it with everyone :) ENJOY!


So I just got off a 9 hour shift about an hour ago and my feet are killing me! I'm trying to decide on something that I can do for a couple of hours before we head out tonight so I think I might watch a Disney movie. Yes, I am 20. Yes, I still have a VCR. The other weekend, Kayla and I watched Oliver and Company so tonight, I think I might go with Beauty and the Beast (my all time favorite). Anyways, I hope everyone is having a wonderful weekend! I can't wait for tomorrow so I can catch up on sleep, school work, laundry, cleaning, and relaxing. :)

Day 7:

If only it was Christmas. Then there would be no choice, of course I would watch The Grinch. I might watch it even though it's not Christmas, now that I think of it!



I had my final day of computer training at Macy's today which was not too bad. I start buddy training tomorrow so that should be more exciting! After work today though, I decided to treat myself to a Dark Cherry Mocha Frappuccino yet again (i mentioned how much i love them in this post)! It was very refreshing and I think I actually like it better than the Java Chip Frappucino. Anyways, for today, I'll share with you the lovely picture of my frappucino just hanging out on my dashboard :)

Day 6:



Today was kind of laid back so my picture is going to be boring :) We did go to Your Pie for dinner and then walked around downtown so I guess I could have taken pictures of one of those, but I forgot to take my camera...

Day 5:

These are the books that I've been looking at all day. I had to take book notes for my MIST (management information systems technology) and my Child and Family Development classes and then I also started The Lovely Bones. All in all, it was a productive day for at least school work!


Yesterday, I finished Dear John. I saw the movie before reading the book because let's face it, when you read the book then see the movie, you will most likely hate the movie. Since this was the first time I saw the movie first, I was actually quite surprised to find out that I really like both of them. One thing I wish the book had include that was in the movie was more parts with John's dad. He was a larger character in the movie and the parts with him were so well done. In the book, he was also very much involved, but it was different from the movie. As for the ending, I think I prefer the ending of the book. It just left the characters in better places. Overall, both were excellent so you should read/watch Dear John!

Now on to pollen. I really dislike pollen. Between classes yesterday, I sat outside to read some and when I left to go to my next class, I put my glasses in my bookbag. When I took them out again, the lenses were covered with pollen. It's ridiculous! Walking to the bus yesterday, you could see the tire tracks in the pollen. The cars are all completely covered with it and everyone is constantly sneezing. Plus, all of the bees are out (especially around the apartment). Hopefully the rain today will wash most of it away. I'm just ready for summer so I don't have to worry about all of this pollen and plus I won't have to worry about school!

Just to show you a little of the pollen, here is the back of my car. You can't really see it well in the picture, but trust me, my black car looks yellow.

PS. I'm going to pick up my Holga pictures today! I'm so excited to see how they turned out!


This picture makes me super excited because I finally have a job! YAY!

Day 4:

It is such a relief that after 4 months of looking for a job I found one at Macy's! I had my first day of training yesterday on the register and it was actually kind of fun. I'm ready for my last day of training tomorrow then working next week!



First off, before I post the picture for today, Sara wrote about my delicious banana bread on her blog! Yay for roomies and good food!

So on to the picture!

Day 3:

I didn't really do anything significant today other than present a case study and meet my mom so I thought I would post the reason why I love to drive down the Loop. Although, driving the truck makes it seem like I'm only going 50. I wonder why you always feel like you're going slower than you actually are in bigger cars...

PS. i took the picture with my phone...which explains the blurriness :)



For today, I decided to make a collage of four pictures.

Day 2:

Clockwise: Max in his "Show me the money!" stance, my new hair cut (no more blond!), Sara snacking on the $2.50 Cap'n Crunch, and Kayla trying to file the super glue off her hand.

As you can see, we all lead very interesting lives! :)

By the way, I took a picture of all of the delicious food we had for Easter yesterday:



As I mentioned earlier, I'm going to start the "Year of Pictures" thing (i dont technically know the name, so ill call it something to that effect).

Day 1:

Easter Bunny Cake!


Easter is by far the best holiday.

Going to church on Easter Sunday is something that I really look forward to. The music is always awesome and it never fails that there are people standing up because there aren't enough seats. I love knowing that people come to church on this day because it means something to them. They may not go every Sunday, but at least they do go to celebrate this holiday. The sermon is always good also. Just everything in general on this day makes me happy!

I hope everyone has a wonderful Easter!!



*So Starbucks has this new drink out: Dark Cherry Mocha. It is DELICIOUS! I have had it 3 times in the past week or so and every time I have it, it gets tastier. I personally like the frappuccino better than the hot coffee, but they are both worth the money.

*We got out Spring clothing money this weekend so Katie and I decided to go to Atlantic Station today. It was so packed, but well worth the waits in the stores. Every store has really good sales going on which means all of the lines were incredibly long. Besides shopping, we ate outside at the Cheesecake Bistro and people watched for quite a while. Instead of getting cheesecake there though, we went to an ice cream shop and got some awesome ice cream: chocolate peanut butter. It was rich and worth the $4. We also decided to bring mom and Weyman back some fudge which was tasty.

*Tomorrow, I decided that I am going to start the 365 day picture deal. Some people on Facebook do it and it seems like a good idea, so to celebrate Easter, I'm going to start that! For those who don't know, it is where you take a picture every day that somehow represents that day. I already have it planned out that the picture that will be taken tomorrow is of the Easter bunny cake that mom and I make.

*Last night, I had a dream that I was in the Harry Potter movie. I wasn't actually in the movie, but I was behind the camera. It was awesome. The part that I was "directing" was a part with Helena Bonham Carter; she is really good as a crazy lady.

*Katie introduced me to a new song today that I really like! It's from Brantley Gilbert's new cd Halfway to Heaven (which is another good song).

*I heard the song today on the radio that was in the skit on SNL with Chris Farley and Patrick Swayze. They were competing to Chippendales dancers and the video is hilarious. If you haven't seen it, go look it up on YouTube. Everyone should watch this video :)



I am currently anxiously awaiting my first film from the Holga I got for my birthday to be developed. I'm ready to see how the exposure worked with the film and how the pictures turned out! Most of them were taken when Kayla and I went on a walk past our apartments and to be safe (since it was my first time using film), I stuck to mainly nature pictures. Plus the film is black and white so I didn't really have to focus on the colors. I'M SO READY TO GET IT BACK! One day when I was feeling especially artsy, I took some pictures of the railroad tracks by the apartment with my Holga; I also took some with my digital camera.

I don't know why, but I really like this picture. I think it's because the sun in the corner.

I also like this picture because of the angle. I change the tint on this picture to make the colors more prominent and I really like the outcome!