"Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be."

-Shel Silverstein



1. "The Dance" - Garth Brooks
This is one of my mom's favorite songs. She has a Garth Brooks cd in her car and whenever I put it in, we have to listen to this one. It is a beautiful song that, I think, has a lot of meaning behind it.

2. "See You Again" - Miley Cyrus
I will never forget the morning we were in the car, driving to the doctors when this song came on. Mom turned it up super loud and said, "It's my girl, MILEY!" and started singing along. This was the first time I had heard the song all the way through and I was shocked that my mother knew the words.

1. "Shameless" - Garth Brooks
When we would go on road trips, I always remember my dad singing this song. It is one of my favorite Garth Brooks songs now.

2. "Hotel California" - The Eagles
This was another "must" in the car. And one of the best Eagles songs, behind "New York Minute."

3. Any Lynyrd Skynyrd.

1. "Battle Flag" - Lo Fidelity Allstars
This song is not one that I am not a very big fan of, but I enjoy listening to my brother dance/sing along to it.

2. "Tik Tok" - Ke$ha
Another great song to put on and listen to Cade sing. Others include: "Since You've Been Gone," "Party in the USA," and Celine Dion.

Aunt Ra
1. "I Have Nothing" - Whitney Houston
This is my all-time favorite song to sing/yell in the car. I crank this song up and just belt it out. My aunt is one that won't just sit there and listen to you make a fool of yourself, she'll join in (but then you feel bad because you can't sing, but she can). Sometimes though I forget the fact that she's actually carrying a tune while I now sound like a wounded dog. :) Anyways, I will never forget the time we were driving home from work during the summer and I put this song on. She was just singing along and then she started throwing in her own words. At one point, I was crying because I was laughing so hard.

1. "Listen" - Beyonce
It was a very long time ago that I discovered that most Beyonce songs were awesome; this one in particular. I memorized this song, put it on a cd, and sang it super loud to Katie who laughed, although I'm sure she was cursing me in her head the whole time.

2. "Burn" - Usher
Oh, too many things with this song to write about.


1. "Beauty and the Beast" - Peabo Bryson and Celine Dion
First off, I think it's pretty funny that there is a song that reminds me of my dog. :) But this song really does make me think of Levi because my mom calls him Peabo. He gets so excited when she says this in her high-pitched tone because he knows he's about to get some lovin'.

1. "I Wanna Dance With Somebody" - Whitney Houston
One of the best songs to sing in the car, hands down. Every time me and Catie are in the car, we have to listen to the song and belt it out.

2. "Don't Stop Believin'" - Journey
We have dance moves to this song! Not the whole thing, but for some of the chorus.

1. "Livin' On a Prayer" - Bon Jovi
You should really hear her sing this song. It is HILARIOUS. We used to listen to this working in Brusters when no one was there. Good times.

2. "Decode" - Paramore
Another great song to hear Sara sing.

3. All of the Disney movie songs also remind me of Sara because she breaks into song randomly. My favorite: "Circle of Life"

1. "Man in the Mirror" - Michael Jackson
I had a mix cd in my car recently with this song on it. When the song came on, Kayla immediately knew what it was (while Sara was in the back groaning because she didn't want to listen to Michael Jackson...boo).

2. "At This Moment" - Michael Buble
This was the first song I heard from Mr. Buble and Kayla was the one that introduced us, which I am very happy about now. She thought this was a song of his that I would like because it was a semi-beltish (not a word, but oh well) song. She was very right.

3. "Believe" - John Mayer
One of the firsts from John Mayer that I listened to and loved, again all thanks to Kayla. :)

I hope you enjoy all of our silly dances and trust me, there are more of these to come :)

PS: I thought I'd just throw this video in there since we also made it when we were bored last year.




Dinner was delicious tonight. Thanks for cooking :)

I'm also very happy that you allow Max to live here. (for reasons shown during dinner and shown below)



This weekend was pretty relaxing! Friday, Sara and I went to see Dear John, on one condition: she couldn't laugh at the parts that most (normal) people would cry about. And she didn't! She even got teary-eyed at one part (which by the way was extremely sad...i was very close to sobbing). Anyways, the movie was really good. I found myself comparing it to The Notebook; and trust me, there were many similarities, with the story and the lines. Overall, the acting was pretty good (especially Richard Jenkins) and the plot was, yes, corny at some parts, but I really like the overall message. Plus, the scenery was gorgeous (especially the house, but i can't find a picture of it)! I'm a huge Nicholas Sparks fan and I like most of the movies that are based on his books, so I'm a little biased, but I think the majority of people would enjoy this movie.

Saturday was very rewarding. In the morning we had to wake up early to go volunteer at an animal shelter/hospital with Forgotten Friends (an organization at UGA). If I listed all that I did, I'm sure you wouldn't think that it would be a good experience, but knowing why I was doing it made it worthwhile. For the most of the morning, I dealt with the puppies and the mess that they made. I was a pooper cleaner upper! WAHOO. I had to spray the poop off of the wood that was under the adorable puppies' crate. It was gross to start with, but I eventually forgot that it was even poop and I was just thinking it was dirt (it made the process much more bareable).

After coming back and showering and washing the doo-doo clothes, I started getting to work on my study schedule. I got all of it done (YAY!) so it was very rewarding to be able to highlight everything I did :)
I finally saw Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban too! That has been my favorite Harry Potter book so watching the movie was something that I was pretty excited about. It strayed from the book a little (which isn't always a bad thing) and for the most part, I liked the actors they chose. Overall, I thought it was very good (although i did get antsy at the end...its over 2 hours!).

Today was a lot of fun too. Sara, Kayla, Kerry, and I went to Botanical Gardens and walked on the trails. It was such a pretty day (a huge change from last weekend's snow) and all of the nature was a nice change from being in the apartment studying my butt off. I now smell like outside, but hey, I don't mind it!

So now on to more studying and eating tilapia for dinner (yum).



Today was extremely unproductive and I strayed from my study schedule. :( So I figured if it 10:20 and I haven't really studied, then what is the chance that I'm going to start soon? Ummmm...i gonna go with no chance at all. I might even read Harry Potter when I'm done with this...gasp!

There was one productive part of my day though: blurbs. That's what I'm going to start incorporating in my blog! For the most part, I don't have anything that is too interesting to focus an entire blog on (unless the post was going to be a single sentence) so I thought I could post blurbs about what was going on in my mind throughout the day. Here goes! (P.S. I wrote a list on my phone of things to include in my blurbs. i love lists.)

*Next week is going to be horrible. I have three tests: Monday, Wednesday, and Thursday. And the major bummer is that I enjoy studying for only one of them! I know most people don't enjoy studying at all, but I really like my Child and Family Development class so studying for it is pretty interesting! The other two, Housing and Consumer Economics and Food and Nutrition, are tests that I would rather not have to deal with. I don't really have a clue about what is going on in either class, but hey, why not memorize some information now and they forget it next week? I don't understand why college makes you take classes that have nothing to do with your major. It defeats the entire point of college in my mind.

*Speaking of college, I had advisement today. It was pretty discouraging hearing that there is a high chance that I won't get the classes that I need/want, but hey, there's nothing I can do about it! But I did decide on something. UGA doesn't have a psychology minor (seriously?) so I'm going to use all of my elective hours toward psychology. WAHOOOO

*Tuesday, me and the roomies (Sara and Kayla) and another friend (Kerry) went to see An Education. I RECOMMEND THIS MOVIE TO EVERYONE! It was awesome! I went in without any clue as to what the movie was about so I was really surprised. The acting is amazing and so is the story line. There is a twist that I don't think was expected by anyone, but it really made the movie 100x better. While we're on the topic of movies, I'm pretty excited about seeing Dear John tomorrow. I haven't read the book yet just so it won't ruin the movie (which happened with The Time Traveler's Wife and My Sister's Keeper...boo).

*Classical music during studying = very helpful. It keeps you concentrated on what you're studying without being distracting. I recommend the soundtracks to The Notebook, A Beautiful Mind, Titanic, and Atonement. LOVE IT

*Today I went home (reason why the day was NOT productive). I cleaned my house instead of studying and I went to the dentist. I really don't understand why people don't like the dentist, THEY ARE THERE TO HELP YOU! I actually enjoy the dentist! I always leave with super clean teeth :)

*I'm on the second disc of the fifth season of Friends! YAY! That show never gets old. It has become a must in the mornings while I'm getting ready.

*I HATE JOB SEARCHING! I was told by my mother that I need a "big girl" job which, apparently, doesn't include Smoothie King. Hey, a job is a job Mom! I need money (hence why I went home to clean today)! Yesterday, I spent at least an hour calling all over Athens to see if anyone was hiring. Guess what the result was...no one was! It is very depressing to hear the same line ("We're not hiring, but we're always accepting applications!") repeated a hundred times. I also spent a very long time filling out online applications. All of the stores use the same company for the applications so I spent over and hour answering the same questions over and over. IRRITATING

*TIP for all of the females at UGA (yes, again). If you absolutely have to wear leggings, at least wear a shirt that is long enough to cover your butt. I don't know about anyone else, but I do NOT want to see you walking around with your butt barely covered by an extremely thin fabric. It's not appealing.

*I'm very excited to volunteer at Colbert this weekend! I'm ready to help with all of the doggies :)

*Tonight on the way back to Athens, I had my iPod on shuffle. I was listening to a Patty Griffin song and when the next song came on, I was pleasantly surprised. I was Mr. Michael Jackson, himself. I love me some Michael! His songs are the best when you're in a car. Especially when it's dark; no one can see how stupid you look dancing and singing every word :) (The next song was Michael Bubble [yes I know it Buble] which was also awesome because there was a choir in the background, something I thoroughly enjoy)

*I have found yet another music video that makes me cry: "Temporary Home" by Carrie Underwood. It has such a wonderful message and the end of the video has gotten me every time I have watched it! SO SAD

K well that's all of the blurbs I have for now! :) I'm sure I'll think of some more tomorrow. Night!

P.S. Sorry if most of them are negative! I didn't mean for them to come across that way :)




I am in LOVE with Lady Antebellum's new cd Need You Now. Their first cd was really good too, but this one has songs that give me goosebumps. My favorites are, Hello World, Need You Now, When You Got a Good Thing, If I Knew Then, and American Honey. Yes, that is almost the whole cd, but trust me, it is that good. For some reason, I am drawn to slow ballads, which some of those are, but every once in a while, there is a song that is upbeat that I really like. American Honey is not too upbeat, but compared to Hello World, it has a little more peppy. Yesterday on my way home, I listened to this cd and played Hello World over and over. It is an awesome song and if you really listen to the words, the song gets even better. The end though is my favorite part; I love the instrumental parts. I seriously got goosebumps every time I heard the part right around 5 minutes.

Everyone should listen to this song even if you don't like country music (ahemmmm...Sara).




levi playing around in the snow with mom

he's so cute :)

partial family photo in the backyard

take 2 on the front porch

my favorite picture of scenery

The snow was so much fun this weekend! On Friday, we tried to skimboard on the snow which didn't work out too well; it worked on the road, but not on the grass. Saturday was a lazy day, we sat around and then took a walk around the neighborhood. Levi tagged along which was interesting because 1. he is NOT friendly with other dogs and 2. he wasn't really walked on a leash when he was younger so walking with him is not fun, he mainly chokes himself. The roads were pretty clear which was good although people didn't feel like driving down the hill in front of our house so they parked in someone's yard at the top. All-in-all the snow was awesome :) and they say it's supposed to snow again tonight/early morning which would be even better because we wouldn't have to go to school!



eating a cookie. my peetle beetle laying down beside me. the snow still coming down. all things that make me extremely happy :)

on the way home, it was barely snowing. then i got out of athens and the snow was coming down pretty hard. i LOVED it. i think snow is quite possibly my favorite thing. i took some pictures (some when the car was stopped, some when i was still driving...dont worry no one go hurt. i can multitask!)


oconee county



mi casa

my personal/shaggy greeter

he was eating the snow so he wanted me to put him down when i picked him up

now i just wish my mom would get home so i'll stop worrying about her driving in the snow.



filling out this survey took my back to the good ol' middle/high school days.


Thing To Do:
take a walk, read, watch a movie

“I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most, to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.” – Audrey Hepburn

green or yellow


grape (only the green ones)

Target, American Eagle, Gap




the beach >> Port St. Joe

The Notebook, Amittyville Horror, What Lies Beneath, Red Eye, Divine Secrets of the Ya-Ya Sisterhood, The Grinch, Anastasia

Mary Poppins, The Sound of Music, Victor Victoria, Meet Me In St. Louis

T.V. Show:
Friends, Grey’s Anatomy, Will & Grace, Family Guy, That 70’s Show, One Tree Hill, Private Practice

The Notebook, The Time Traveler’s Wife, Barefoot, The Shining, Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban, The Last Summer of You and Me, The Pact

Book Gone Movie:
The Notebook

James Garner, Ryan Reynolds, Ryan Gosling, Jake Gyllenhaal, Kevin Costner, Denzel Washington

Anne Hathaway, Rachel McAdams, Michelle Pfeiffer, Julie Andrews, Sandra Bullock

Talk Show:
Chelsea Lately

To Play: Softball, To Watch: Football


macaroni and cheese

Dr. Pepper

Olive Garden

Type of Food:

pizza or spaghetti

Music Genre:
anything really

Rascal Flatts, The Fray, Lady Antebellum

Solo Artist:
John Mayer, Michael Buble, Garth Brooks, Carrie Underwood

I’ll Be Seeing You



This is quite possibly the cutest set of pictures that I have ever taken

just sitting by the window while aunt shelley does homework

showing aunt sara some love

two things he does daily: sleep and splash around in the toilet

Oh, Max.


So I love Channing Tatum, even though he used to be a male stripper...who knew?

Also, I love the fact that there is a possible double feature in the future: A Single Man and An Education. eeeeekkk! DOUBLE FEATURES ARE AWESOME!

I'm currently loving Joshua Radin's CD Simple Times. It is really good! I had never heard of him until I stumbled across him on iTunes. He's kind of like a calmer Jack Johnson. His voice is so soothing! Another CD that I downloaded was Patty Griffin's Children Running Through. I heard Kelly Clarkson's cover of her song "Up To The Mountain" and fell in love with it! I randomly decided to get the whole CD the other day and it is very good. There are some songs though that I skip, but I like the cross between country and Nora Jones vibe she has going.

One thing that I DID NOT love was my dream the other night. I was at my old middle school walking through the parking lot when all of the sudden I couldn't see anything. It was pitch black. Someone from the dorm last year was also in the parking lot and they were trying to talk to me. I couldn't answer them though so I sat against a curb and willed myself to wake up. It was a scary dream; I hate being in the dark with nothing up against my back because I'm afraid that something else is with me. I know...weird.



Today's weather was dreary...I'm not a big fan.
I officially changed my major to Consumer Journalism.
Life is good.



Today’s weather was PERFECT. I had class from 8 to 2 (which is horrible), but the weather made it all better!

My inkling that I am a huge list fanatic was also confirmed this afternoon when I made a list of things that I wanted to mention on my blog today. So here it goes:

CONGRATULATIONS TO SARA!! She got in the Consumer Journalism Major! Yay :D

One of my favorite smells reconfirmed = freshly cut grass

My mom’s birthday is in exactly 20 days! She’s growing up so fast…

Here is a little list inside my list, What I Currently Want:
iPod Touch
A fancy camera + a Holga
For my 21st birthday to hurry the heck up (New York, here I come….in 13 months)
A haircut, although I said that I wouldn’t get one until May
I want/need a job (desperately)

I don’t understand why people wear flip-flops when it is February. Seriously? I was bundled up this morning to catch the bus and someone walked up with flip-flops. I just don’t get it…

I haven’t had any dreams lately and it’s depressing…

My love for my Forever 21 pea coat and Keds was also reconfirmed today

And I finally mastered how to ride the bus standing up. It is much harder that it seems…



Today, I have a ton of things that I would like to say to people/things.

Dear Female Students at UGA,

Get your own style. Wearing big t-shirts, leggings, Ugg boots, and Ray-Bans is not a style. It might have been one at one time, but now it is just plain dumb. You are not being cute, you are just blending in. I seriously saw two girls wearing the exact same outfit today getting on the bus. It's not cool. There needs to be a drastic wardrobe change on this campus...

Dear Rain,

You know I only like you when I am inside and if you are accompanied by a thunderstorm. Let's keep these cold, rainy days to a minimum...

Dear Tulip,

I am sorry that Max attacked you last night. I will try and keep you alive...

Dear Blog,

STOP MAKING ME THINK ABOUT YOU. All I have done today during my classes is think about what I can do to make my blog better. How I can put pictures up, what colors I should use, how I can make mine unique, etc. Knock it off...


Dear Next Wednesday,

Hurry up...