"Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be."

-Shel Silverstein



The other day, I went on to Urban Outfitters and put everything that I would love having in my shopping cart. Needless to day, I was up to over $650 in a matter of seconds. There were about 50 items, but I couldn't stop adding stuff! They have some really awesome deals going on right now and everything is so appealing. If I had a fraction of that money laying around I would buy some things, but sadly, I'm back on a budget. I'll hold it all in my shopping cart until it's out of stock or they clear it out, maybe by then I would have been able to buy some of it! Since I'm sure you don't want to see everything I picked out, I'll post some of my favorites!







Some of my favorite things were gone today :( But they still have these up! In case you haven't noticed, I have  a love-hate relationship with Urban Outfitters; if I had more money to spend, that would definitely become a love-love relationship. Oh, the possibilities! 



weheartit is basically my new home. There are so many inspiring pictures, I can sit on there for hours and just sift through all of them. This one in particular is one of my new favorites, it's one of the best quotes!


P.S. Veronica over at the V-Chronicles is having an awesome giveaway! It's a Forever21 gift card! Now who can't use one of those? Follow the link to enter!


DAYS 294 - 300

Day 300?!?! Whaaaaaaaaaat?! I hate to say it, but I won't really miss this when I'm done!

Day 294:

Thursday was a very productive, but very loooooong. After going to school from 9:30 to 4:45, I had to work 6 to 10. blehhh

Day 295:

TATTOO PARTY! We went to a friend's house on Friday night and had a LA Ink party! It was so funny to see everyone's temporary tattoos...Sara's was personally my favorite. She drew Harry Potter glasses on her arm and put the scar above them!

Day 296 - 297:

We went apartment hunting both days this weekend so we were all over Athens. We ended up finding quite a few that were decent, but we still have more to look at before we make the decision.

Day 298:

My delicious dinner :) I made a tasty turkey burger that I found the recipe online for, sweet potato chips, and broccoli!

Day 299 - 300:

I have my first test of the semester on Thursday :/ It's in my aging class which is super boring so studying is not a top priority. Instead, I've been making a wish list on Urban Outfitters :)

**images from google and weheartit**



At this time in exactly 49 days, Mom and I will be on the plane headed for NYC. I hope these next weeks fly by!

**all images from weheartit**



**all images from weheartit**

I haven't finished my latest painting yet even though it's been 90% done for a couple of months...
These pictures kind of show what the main idea about it is though and when I figure out what it needs to be complete, I'll make a post about it :)

I hope everyone's having a happy Thursday! The weekend's just a few hours away, thankfully!

P.S. The Real Housewives of Beverly Hills finale is tonight! Sadly, I will be at work when it comes on, but I hope everyone is able to catch it at some point tonight!

Day 294


DAYS 285 - 293

Day 285:

We were stuck in the house for a couple of days because of the snow. We got close to 6 inches so there was no way we were even going to try and leave. The snow was so pretty and it delayed school so I didn't mind it :)

Day 286:

Day 287:

Although school was delayed, I still had 2 classes. My morning started off with Midlife and Elder Years, which I can tell will be one of the classes I doodle in. It's just not that interesting!

Day 288:

$4.99 for four Tommy Hilfiger mugs?? Yes, please! The TF holiday stuff went on sale so I decided to purchase the coffee cups. They all have different designs on them and they are very cute. I used one tonight for tea!

Day 289:

House party with Sara? Of Course! It was a nice ending to a long day :)

Day 290:

This book is so good so far! I haven't really had that much time to read, but so far it's been awesome. I'm so ready to finish it and see the movie when it comes out!

Day 291:

This movie was showing at the $1.99 theater so we had to go. And the movie did not disappoint. Robert Downey Jr. was hilarious and of course Zach Galifianakis kept me laughing.

Day 292:

The rest of the Tommy Hilfiger stuff went on sale so I bought 3 packs of the candles. I figure they will make good presents for next years gift exchange up in Rome.

Day 293:

My night = Beauty and the Beast + making cookies. I absolutely love the beginning of the semester where you don't have to worry about classes yet. It's amazing.


DAYS 279 - 284

Day 279:

I decided to be a nice friend and help Katie out with her work on Wednesday. We ended up driving all over the place, getting some delicious chocolate from a bakery and trying to avoid the rain (which was easy for me since she was the one that kept having to get out of the car :) ). I didn't take a picture that day though so I thought I would just use this one from Junior Prom!

Day 280:

I didn't get this exact shirt, but I picked up a Glee shirt at work for under $5! The one I bought is a gray t-shirt that has WMHS written across the front of it. I never thought I would wear a  shirt like that, but for that price and the fact that the show is amazing, I had to have it :)

Day 281:

This isn't the greatest picture, but the clouds were so pretty!

Day 282:

So, as you can see, I can't stay away from shopping! But, I got yet another awesome deal and bought a scarf just like this one from work for only $3. Who would turn down that deal?!

Day 283:

Happy Birthday Dad!! I hope you had a great one today :)

Day 284:

Technically, the day has started. Therefore, I'm going to use this picture I took a while ago! The snow is coming down so hard right now! It's been snowing for a couple of hours and we probably have over 4 inches. School was supposed to star tomorrow, but they canceled it so the semester is off to a great start :)



Day 279:

Mirko, a pasta place, opened up not far from my house recently so Alycia, Catie, Sara, and I decided to eat there today and it was so good! There's such a wide variety of dishes to choose from because you first choose the pasta you want and then you can pair it with any sauce. Today, I had some kind of spinach pasta with sausage, mushroom, and cream sauce and everyone kept eating from my plate, so you know it was delicious :) All of our plates were so different, we ate of each others...I'm glad I have friends that don't mind that (image that comes to mind: Joey in Friends, haha). For dessert, Alycia and Sara split tiramisu while Catie and I both got our own crepes with Nutella and banana. I think I would have preferred just Nutella, but it was still so good that i finished it all even though I was stuffed.


In other news, we finally booked the tickets and hotel for New York! The prices went back down so we jumped at the deal and got everything settled. Nothing is set in stone for the attractions we're going to, but at least we know when we're leaving and where we're staying! It's weird that it's so close! I cannot wait!



First off, I am planning some big changes for my little blog :) Hopefully, I'll follow through with everything, but soon there might be a new name, new banner, and new layout. I still haven't picked everything out yet, but look for some changes soon!

Now, I hope everyone had a happy new year! I'm still riding the high of Christmas so this post will be filled with presents and of course more shopping!

my present to my grandma! the lyrics are from the song that my aunt sang at my grandpa's funeral :)

all of my awesome Mary Poppins present from my dad and step-mom. the snow globe plays "Chim Chim Cheree," the cup says "Supercalifragilisticexpialidocious," and the umbrella is just like the one she has in the movie! i felt like a little kid opening those presents :)


Now, on to today's shopping trip!

I used up the rest of my Barnes & Noble giftcard, used some of the Forever 21 giftcards, and I could NOT pass up the Vera Bradley bag! I love it!

My favorite purchase of the day though was the earrings from Forever 21. I've been looking for some this color and for only $1.50, I had to get them!

I'm going to cheat again and say that this post is for days 273 - 278. I PROMISE there will be actual picture for each day next time!


By the way, I suggest you all listen to this song on repeat. It is amazing!