"Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be."

-Shel Silverstein



Spring = best season (hands down)

So for dinner tonight, I decided to make chicken pot pie. YUM. I love this stuff. It's not just the kind that you pop into the oven from the box, it's the kind you actually mix with your hands (fun).

This is also my first recipe that I'm posting on here!

Here's what you need:

> 2 deep dish pie shells
> 1 can of Veg-All (I use the original, salted kind)
> 1 can of green beans (kitchen cut work best)
> 1 can of corn
> 2 cans of shredded chicken
> 1 can of cream of potato soup
> an egg, beaten

You can probably make this in a ton of different ways, but I'll just write my method.

First, I mix the cream of potato soup with milk (probably about 1/4 cup, but I don't measure it).

Then, mix in salt, pepper, thyme, and poultry seasoning (we don't have poultry seasoning at the apartments so I use basil and oregano which works fine).

Drain the chicken. Squeeze it to get all of the liquid out of it and break it apart when you put it into the mixture with the cream of potato soup.

Drain all of the vegetables. Mix them into the mixture (I like to mix it with my hands, this way you don't smash any of the vegetables).

Dump the mixture into one of the pie shells. VERY CAREFULLY take the other pie shell out of the pan (an easy way is to get the sides off first, then flip it on top of the filled crust, and the bottom should come off pretty easily).

Now, brush the beaten egg on the shell (it will make it shiny and brown while it's cooking).

Last, but not least, pop it in the oven at 350° for about 40 minutes. You'll know when it's done because it will look at pretty and brown :)

plus equals


PS: During midterms, this pie serves as very good comfort food :)


  1. oh. my. gosh.
    this looks absolutely incredible!!!
    i LOVE pot pie!! and i haven't had it in three years {since i've been a vegetarian. crazy i know!} chicken pot pie and rice was the meal of my childhood. DELICIOUSNESS!!!!

    spring is SO the best season! let the countdown begin!!!

  2. i was just talking about making one without meat in it! it would be delicious with squash, zucchini, okra...

    ill have to try it out soon!