"Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be."

-Shel Silverstein


DAYS 167 - 180

Day 167:

I made one of the most delicious dinners ever! I was wondering what to make for my roommate/family dinner night so my one of them suggested I search The Pioneer Woman's site. I've heard of her, but I've never made anything from her recipes. This one was so easy and delicious! I added some things in there (like broccoli) because I had some laying around and it only enhanced it. Now, if you are not a fan of lemon, then I don't advise you to make this. It has a very strong lemon taste, but if you do like lemon, then go for it! You will not be disappointed!

Day 168:

I don't think I've ever bought jeans from Target, but I was in need of some (or so i thought) and I decided to try them. I am now a huge fan! They are inexpensive and they feel like they'll hold up for a while so I thinking this was a bueno decision.

Day 169:

You can never have too many boots, which is why I am on the search for a pair of dark brown ones now. I added this pair to my collection and I pretty pumped to wear them as soon as it starts cooling off (which i hope is really soon).

Day 170:

Max decided to be our little doll for the night so I made him a bow out of toilet-paper. Yes, I know, I'm classy. The first five minutes of trying to put this on him were pretty amusing, but then he finally gave in and I got this wonderful shot.

Day 171:

Are you surprised? After doing these posts, I am now aware of where all of my money goes. On Sunday, I went shopping with Mom and got 5 shirts! I didn't spend to much (thankfully) and now I have some new clothing to show off!

Day 172:

I wasn't a big fan of a grade I got back on Monday, but hey, it doesn't really matter anymore because I'm dropping the class! It makes me kind of nervous to drop it since we're only allowed 4 the entire time we're at UGA, but I'm in my third year and I haven't dropped one yet so I think I'm good.

Day 173:

(i couldnt think of a picture)

So, the bad grade on Monday confirmed what I've been thinking about. I was a Consumer Journalism major focusing on Public Relations and Child and Family Development, but since I've been in the major classes, I've been more drawn to the CFD portion. I was wondering if I should drop the PR part and go straight CFD, but I didn't know if that was the right decision. After getting the grade, I knew that it was definitely the right thing to do so I changed. I can now say that I am a Child and Family Development major!

Day 174:

Cutest movie! This was so adorable! I love all of the characters and I really want a little minon to carry around with me.

Day 175:

Grey's Anatomy premiered!!And it was pretty good! I'm really glad Yang and Hunt got married and that Lexie and Alex broke up. FINALLY!

Day 176:

I didn't really do anything other than go to school and work so I'm skipping this day :)

Day 177:

(p.s. i kinda like these watches! they seem very popular. i just dont know if i could handle something that large on my wrist...)

Saturday was such a long day! I worked from 11 until 10 because one of the shifts didn't get covered, but it wasn't too bad. The day went by pretty quick and after work, Sara and I went to Kerry's birthday party...she's finally 20!! :) It was a very fun, but tiring day.

Day 178:

I'm out of my slump! YAY! We have a quota we have to meet at work for credit applications and after over 2 weeks of not getting any, I finally did! I'm so glad to be back.

Day 179:

The Romantics. Check it out. Read it. (ill do a review soon)

Day 180:

Here's the situation. Going home, I have to turn onto R Pkwy from R Rd. Pkwy is the road that has all of the apartment complexes on it so if you're turning left onto it from Rd, you have the right of way. I was turning right onto Pkwy from Rd; since there were no other cars around, I decided to yield at the stop sign and go ahead and turn without completely stopping. BIG MISTAKE. There was a cop sitting there on Pkwy and of course, I got stopped and had to pay a $125 ticket for failure to stop at a stop sign. That's a load of crap. Since there weren't any cars coming and I was turning right, I shouldn't have had to stop, but apparently what I think doesn't matter so I paid it. Now instead of buying something useful with that money, I had to pay the stupid police department. I'm not too happy as you can see.


  1. i looooooove pioneer woman recipes! she has one for a foil shrimp packet that you bake in the oven and it is SO DELISH. i'll have to try this one :)

    and i agree....a girl can never have to many boots!

  2. Now you're making me want to try Target jeans!

    And where did you get those boots, they are super cute!

  3. Krysten -- thanks! i got them from charlotte russe! they are super comfortable

    and for all that don't know, you can sign up to get updates and discounts through text messages. the first time you sign up, you get a 10% code to use!

  4. I love Target for clothes!! They are usually cute and affordable. I know my teenagers usually find a good deal!

  5. i love lemon, so i think i'm gonna love that! and i love your boots! and i am gonna go watch my tivoed grey's anatomy - i'm so excited! :D

    <3, Mimi

  6. I'm not typically a watch girl, but I do dig that one!

  7. cops suck! sorry to hear about your ticket >_<

    on a lighter note, thanks for sharing that lemon basil pasta! i have GOT to try that! looks soooo good.