"Listen to the mustn'ts, child. Listen to the don'ts. Listen to the shouldn'ts, the impossibles, the won'ts. Listen to the never haves, then listen close to me... Anything can happen, child. Anything can be."

-Shel Silverstein


DAYS 222 - 236

Day 222:

I started a new painting. I haven't really done that much to it, so when I'm done I'll be sure to post the stages and what it was supposed to be!

Day 223:

For some reason, while I was folding clothes at work on Tuesday, this song randomly popped into my head. I couldn't really remember the words, but I kept singing it the rest of the night.

Day 224:

On the way to work, the sky was so pretty! Yes, I know, it's not safe to take pictures when you're driving, but I have talent, so I succeeded :)

Day 225:

I had a lot of time between classes, so I took some pictures of the fall-like trees on campus. I wish I would have brought my actual camera, but I had to settle for my phone. You can still see how pretty the colors are though!

Day 226:

GREATEST MOVIE OF THE YEAR! This movie was so awesome. Everyone in it have now become my heroes. There was so much going on that it was kind of hard to follow, but when it all came together in the end, oh man! By the way, I totally called the ending, but we won't brag about that right now. I am definitely going to buy this when it comes out and make everyone around me watch it!

Day 227:

Sara made some DELICIOUS cookies. They were some double chocolate with pomegranate seed cookies...I don't remember what kind exactly, but I'm sure she could tell you. The pomegranate part was crunch and kind of tart which was paired well with the chocolate. I think I ate about 40 of them.

Day 228:

This day started out unsuccessful, but it turned out to be a good one! We set out in the morning to go to the flea market about 15 minutes out of Athens, but when we got there, hardly anyone had set up and we didn't see anything remotely interesting. So, we decided to head out to the outlet mall and do some shopping, but we didn't really know how to get there. We ended up driving through downtown Commerce and then finally making it to the outlet mall where we stayed for a good 5 hours. It was a pretty productive day in my book!

Day 229:

 So I technically didn't see this movie on Monday, but I did see it Sunday night when we got back from the outlet mall. It was an ok movie. I expected it to be much funnier than it was, so that was disappointing, but other than that it was pretty good. I thought the story line was really good, and the acting was good, but I gess I just expected more from it.

Day 230:

I started a new book: Lost. I read Wicked a while back and really liked it so I decided to try another Gregory Maguire book. This one includes some things from Charles Dickens's A Christmas Carol, so I hoping it will be pretty interesting!

Day 231:

One Day Sale on a WEDNESDAY?! Crazy, I know.

Day 232:

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows Part 1 at midnight? Yes, please! It was so good! The only other midnight showing I've been to are the first two Twilight movies (go ahead and laugh) so I kind of expected this one to be about the same, everyone squealing when someone came on the screen and laughing at inappropriate parts...blah blah. But this one was so much better! I guess from the anticipation, everyone was deathly silent except at funny or scary parts. I swear, I was scared to drink anything because I didn't want to make too much noise, it was that quiet! It was a great movie though. The only part that I wasn't a big fan of was the entwined nakedness between Harry and Hermoine. That was NOT in the book and I didn't understand why the felt the need to include it. Other than that, I'm so ready for the second part!!

Day 233:

 PACKING TIME! I hate packing, I always try to fit too much in my bag. I just don't want to leave anything!

Day 234:

After a long day at work, I made it home finally. Before I got home though, I stopped by Barnes and Noble to pick up some books for Christmas. I bought two present and one for myself: Under the Dome. I've heard this one was pretty good, and it was cheap so I went ahead and got it!

Day 235:

We watched the last part of the AMA's and I LOVED the Backstreet Boys performance. It was a great ending to the show! I was a much bigger BSB fan than N*Sync back in the day, so I was so happy that they were on there. I wish they would make a comeback!

Day 236:

So I'm a little obsessed with making study schedule every week. This time, I had to make it for finals. I only have 2 this semester (WHAAT?!) so it was pretty easy. I doubt I'll actually stick to the schedule, but it's nice to have one.

**Sorry this was so long! I promise to try and keep better track of this and not put it off, I just got too busy last week! Next Sunday, you can expect a shorter one :)

*all movie posters from Google Images and weheartit.com


  1. Yay for: Inception, cookies, long days at the outlet mall (and J. Crew shirts), HP7, and study schedules. Hooray!

  2. Holy smokes so many great things here!!! Awesome and those cookies look so rad :) xo

  3. Ooh, I love the beginning of your painting! Can't wait to see the finished product :)

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  4. Loved the Backstreet Boys performance too! :)

  5. Can't wait to see what your painting looks like when all is said and done!


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  6. Okay you just reminded me that I still need to see Inception!

  7. Okay that painting is really good! And study schedules?? I've never seen/heard of one before! That's actually really good though.